Tuesday, March 01, 2011

11 Year Old Pregnant Girl Gave Birth | Valentina Isaeva Yongest Mother

Valentina Isaeva gave birth to a girl in Moscow, Russia. The child's father was sentenced conditionally for child abuse but was not jailed because he was willing to support Valentina and their daughter.

This is the youngest Russian teenage mother. She got pregnant at the age of 11 and soon the child was born. Her boyfriend’s name is Habibula Patahonov he is from Tajikistan, who rented a room in a flat where Valentina was living with her grandmother. he was also very young when this happened, now he works as a construction worker. They are not married because in Russia you can’t marry at eleven. Habib visits his girlfriend and a kid on the regular basis and they think that they would marry as soon as it would be legally possible.

On these photos she is already 14 and the child, the girl, is already 3 years old.

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