Monday, February 21, 2011

9 year old pregnant Girl Give Birth Video

young girl from Idaho got pregnant at the age of 9 and gave birth to a baby at the age of 10 last year. The father of her child was apparently her mother's boyfriend.

This video illustrates the general lack of understanding surrounding childhood sexuality. The reporters here are saying it's abnormal for a 9 year old girl to be able to get pregnant. However, they apparently did not consult even a medical encyclopedia to see how close they were. One of them even says "For the most part, girls haven't hit puberty until they're about 14 years old."

In most populations the average age of puberty in girls is 10. This means that nearly half of all girls are entering puberty before age 10. Boys too (such as myself) are entering puberty at younger ages, averaging 12. For me, puberty began at age 10, 2 years before the average age for boys.
She Gave Birth to a Healthy Baby

When we tell kids that it is abnormal for them to be hitting puberty at this age, we are condemning them for something they can't help, and something which is a part of normal human biology. This is not good!

A major concern about earlier puberty is earlier interest in sex, with girls getting pregnant at younger ages and boys becoming fathers before they have any concept of responsibility, as well as the problems of disease and abortion, both of which scar people for life and destroy life. All of these problems are exacerbated by people's ignorance and denial of the facts.

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